All-In-One Interactive Projector

Display Technology (顯示技術 ) Laser 3LCD
Brightness (亮度) 4000 lumens
Resolution (解像度) WXGA (1280*1024)
Contrast ratio  (對比)  2500000:1
Light Source Life (光源壽命) 10,000 hours in normal mode; 20,000 hours in economic mode
Keystone Correction    梯形修正 Four-way correction
Zoom Mode   變焦方式 fixed focus (fixed)
Projection Ratio  投射比例 Wide Angle: 0.32;    Telephoto: 0.43
Weight   重量 13KG
Power Supply  電源供應 100~240V AC (50/60Hz)
Power Consumption ( 耗電量 ) 330W
Dimensions (length*width*height)  /   尺寸(長*寬*高) 340*270*100mm
Speaker  音響 16W
Shell Color  外殼顏色 Color White.  Custom Color is valid for an order more than 10 units
Shell Material  ( 外殼材料 ) The shell is made of 1.5mm galvanized sheet.  The structure is stable and does not deform, and the surface is anti-corrosion and anti-rust spray-coated


Radar Range  ( 雷達量程 ) 0.25m~16m (reflectivity 反射率 80%)
Radar Scanning  ( 雷達掃描頻率 ) frequency 5-15Hz (adjustable)
Radar Laser Power  ( 雷達雷射功率 ) 3mW (maximum power)
Radar Measurement Resolution  ( 雷達測量解像度 ) 0.25mm
Radar Sampling Rate   雷達取樣率  8K/S
Radar Laser Wavelength  雷達雷射波長 780nm
Radar Accuracy  雷達精度 <1%@16m
Host Configuration    主機配置 Android RK3399 six-core (A72x2+A53x4)
64-bit processor
Main frequency 1.8GHz
Integrated quad-core Mali-T864 GPU安卓RK3399六核心(A72x2+A53x4)
整合四核心 Mali-T864 GPU
The Host Function  主機功能 has built-in high-performance infrared capture, remote control power on and off, and timer power on and off functions. It starts automatically when power is turned on. It supports remote timer power on and off, and supports 7*24 hours of continuous work


Capture Equipment  捕捉設備 high-speed laser ranging radar


Interactive Software  互動軟體 70 kinds of 3D interactive special effects

70種 3D互動效果

Operating Temperature  溫度設計操作 Operating temperature: -10ºC~40ºC
Storage temperature: -10ºC~60ºC


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