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Wireless weather station

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Fanpex FWS-93530-B Wireless Weather Station features 4.75-inch, touchscreen LCD Display with backlight. Displays recommendations for changing environmental conditions (More Wet, No Change, More Dry). Record indoor/ outdoor temperature and humidity with frost alert.  And records Min/Max temperatures and humidity percentages with ease.  Recommendation of opening the window and closing the window indicator for improving the climate conditions.


1. Three touch keys: [MEM/▼], [RCC/SET], [CH/▲], a [LIGHT] button

2. Temperature and humidity trend indicator, window opening and closing display, comfort indicator

3. Four digits show hour and minute respectively

4. 12/24-hour time display, 2019-2099

5. Indoor ambient temperature detection range -9.9C-+50C, detection cycle 30 seconds, over high temperature display HH.H, over low temperature display LL.L

6. The outdoor environment temperature detection range is -40C-+60C, the temperature below -40 shows LL.L, the temperature above +60 shows HH.H

7. Humidity range is 20%~95%, below 20% shows 20%, over 95% shows 95%

8. Memory function of maximum and minimum values of indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity

9. Indoor humidity BAR diagram display

10. Outdoor frost warning

11. RCC: DCF, temperature display format selection: C/F. (DCF defaults to C)

12. LED backlight, 5 seconds delay

13. Low voltage detection: Low voltage display indicates that the indoor and outdoor batteries are low and need to be replaced.

14. The receiving distance of 433MHZ is 100 meters in an open space.


Display: L x W x H

Sensor: L x W x H