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Wireless Weather Station

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Fanpex FWS-93527 Wireless Thermometer features 3-inch LCD Display with backlight. Record Indoor/ Outdoor temperature in addition to maximum and minimum values.  Displayed time, date and two alarms with snooze function.    


1. 5 function keys: [TIME-SET], [ALARM], [UP/CH], [DOWN/RCC/CF], [SNOOZE /MEM]

2. 6-digit display hour, minute, second

3. 12/24 hour system time display, 2000-2099

4. Alarm and snooze function, delay the alarm for 5 minutes

5. Indoor ambient temperature detection range -0C to +50, detection cycle 30 seconds

6. Outdoor ambient temperature detection range -20C to +60

7. Memory function of maximum and minimum indoor and outdoor temperature

8. Temperature display format selection (/)

9. Indoor and outdoor temperature trend change indication

10. A total of 3 outdoor channels temperature and humidity display

11. DST function

12. Low voltage detection: low voltage display indoor and outdoor battery power

13. DCF +/-1 time zone selection, WWVB: -5,-6,-7,-8 selection

14. No key tone