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Wireless Color Weather Station

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Fanpex FWS-93526 Wireless Color Weather Station features 6 touchscreen LCD Display with backlight. Clear readings of indoor/ outdoor temperature and humidity for a better plan of outdoor activities.  And records Min/Max temperatures and humidity percentages. 


1. Six touch buttons: [SET] [MODE] [ALERTS] [UP] [SNOOZE/LIGHT] [DOWN]

2. Full color LCD with animated forecast icons: sunny, slightly cloudy, cloudy, rainy, stormy, snowy

3. Time system: 12HR/24HR display selection

4. Alarm snooze function (snooze time 0~60 minutes)

5. Temperature display format: /

6. USB charging function

7. Low battery indicator indoor and outdoor

8. Date display format selection: M/D, D/M

9.  Five Languages (Germany, English, French, Italy, Spain)

10. Barometric pressure indicator

11. Moon phase indicator

12. 2020-2099 calendar indicator, 2 digits display month, 2 digits display date


14. Indoor temperature upper and lower limit alarm function

15. Outdoor three-channel temperature upper and lower limit alarm function

16. INDOOR (indoor temperature)

Temperature detection range: -20+70 (-4158) resolution 0.1.

Humidity detection range: 20%RH95%RH

Temperature and humidity detection cycle: 10S

17. OUTDOOR (outdoor temperature)

Temperature detection range: -40+70 (-40158) resolution 0.1/

Humidity detection range: 20%RH95%RH

RF receiving time: 50S (CH1) 53S (CH2) 56S (CH3)

18. AC power detection

19. Power supply voltage: 4.5V~5V

20. Button with key tone

twenty one. Quiescent current<30uA

twenty two. Low battery detection function, 3 levels of battery display 100%, 30%, 0%.

twenty three. OPTION:


Humidity deviation: +5% / -5% /+3% / -3%

Temperature unit: C/F degree (only for NO RCC)


Display: L x W x H

Sensor: L x W x H