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Wireless Color Weather Station

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Fanpex FWS-93522 Wireless Weather Station features 4.75-inch, touchscreen LCD Display with backlight.  Record Indoor/ Outdoor temperature & humidity, and Min/Max temperatures & humidity percentages with ease.  Bar chart display of indoor humidity.  Recommendation of opening the window and closing the window indicator for improving the climate conditions. 


1. Three touchscreen keys: [MEM/▼], [//SET], [CH/▲], 

2. A [LIGHT] button (on/off)

2. Indoor/Outdoor Temperature and Humidity

3. Outdoor Trend Indicator 

4. Recommendation of Opening window and Closing window indicator

5. Comfort Level Indicator

6. Time Display

7. 12/24 Hour Setting, 2019-2099

8. The indoor ambient temperature detection range is -9.9 to +50, the detection cycle is 30 seconds, the display exceeds the high temperature HH.H, and the exceeds the low temperature display LL.L

9. The outdoor environment temperature detection range is -40 to +60, the temperature below -40 shows LL.L, the temperature above +60 shows HH.H

10. The humidity range is 20%~95%

11. Memory function of the MAX. and MIN. values of indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity

12. Bar chart display of indoor humidity

13. Outdoor frost warning

14. Temperature display format selection: /. (DCF defaults to )

15. LED backlight (On/Off)

16. Low battery alert  

17. Receiving Frequency 433MHZ and transmission range: 330 feet (100 meter)

18. Wall hanging or free standing option


Display: L x W x H

Sensor: L x W x H