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Radio-controlled Projection Alarm Clock

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1. 5 buttons and 3 push switch functions: +/ZONE/12/24, -/WEEK/LANG, RCC/C/F, SET, PROJECTION /TIME/TEMP, SNOOZE (touch buttons)

2. Three push switches: AUS/EIN push switch projection function (selected in DC mode); two push switches: ALAMR1 ON/OFF, ALARM2 ON/OFF

3. 12/24 HR clock display, the second point does not flash

4. 2006-2099 perpetual calendar instructions

5. Temperature+clock, ALARM1+clock, ALARM2+clock, ZWEITE ZEIT+clock switch display mode on the same screen

6. RCC clock correction function

7. C/F conversion function

8. Five countries week voice display

9. Temperature detection cycle 60S, temperature detection range: 32.0 122.0 (0 50.0) dual alarm function, two alarm formats

10. 5-minute snooze function, the snooze is accurate to the second

11. No key tone

12. DST indicator function

13. DCF&MSF is in F time zone mode, in temperature display mode, long press SET key can only enter F time zone mode for setting, the setting value is -12~+12H

14. Week number display

15. Switch display between day of the week and week number

16. Backlight function

17. Three-level backlight adjustment function at DC: highlight → low light → off (low light should be reduced by 50% when it is sent now)

18. Projection function

19. Optional temperature or time projection function

20. Projection 90°180°270°360°rotation function, namely 4-sided projection function

twenty one. USB port power supply function, hardware circuit execution