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1. ON/OFF/light button

2. The first time: The button light is on + the spray is turned on + the atmosphere light is cycled on;

3. Second time: The color of the ambient light stays at the current color;

4. The third time: the ambient light is turned off;

5. 4th time: Press the button to light off + turn off the spray;

6. The button indicator is: white light*2PCS

7. The lighting sequence of the ambient light:

8. White-Red-Purple-Blue-Cyan-Green-Yellow-White-Blue-Cyan-Green-Yellow-Red-Purple-White-Green-Yellow-Red-Purple-Blue-Cyan-Circulation The time of one cycle of the ambient light is about 155-160 seconds;

9. No water button operation does not turn on, the fan does not turn, the atomizer does not work (turn off immediately after the button is turned on);

10. Shutdown due to lack of water;

11. Atomization volume requirement: 10~11W;

12. Spray height: greater than or equal to 200cm;

13. Spray time: 4-5 hours

14. Power adapter: 24V0.5A

15. Note: The noise of the fan, adaptor etc. should be low.