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Bluetooth speaker

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1. 2.4G Bluetooth connection

2. USB cable for charging

3. 3.5MM audio source input

4. Orange, blue indicator light

5. Output: 3.5W *2

6. Speaker size: 1.77inch

7. Impedance: 4 ohm/5W

8. Frequency: 20HZ~20K

9. DC charging: DC 5V 1500mA

10. In paired mode, it will automatically shut down without any operation for 15 minutes. The orange light flashes twice and the Bluetooth shut down sound beep sounds.

11. In AUX IN mode, it will automatically shut down without any operation for 15 minutes, and the orange light will flash twice.

12. In Bluetooth mode, when a call comes in, it will automatically switch to the call, and when the call is over, it will return to the original playback mode.

13. This product needs to memorize 5 mobile phones. After disconnection, the one who approaches the device first will connect to whom

14. There is no need to interrupt the sound to continue playing when there is a maximum or minimum prompt

15. The sound level must be synchronized with the IOS system to level 16, but only some Android phones support this function

16. Volume memory, the next time you turn on the device, you need to remember the volume of the last time you turn on the device (the last time the device is disconnected, and the number of levels will be memorized) (no aux or bt mode)

17. Bluetooth model of this product: SLTE 70 A1