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Radio-controlled Alarm Clock

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1. LED time display

2. Bright, medium and dark, turn off the four brightness options, the default is bright, single press the UP key to switch the brightness sequence to bright-medium-dark-off-bright...... cycle.

3. Seven function buttons: SET, UP/PROJECT, DOWN, RADIO/SLEEP, SNZ/LIGHT, VOL, AL1/AL2.

4. FM radio function

5. 4-digit time display: hour, minute

6. Two and a half temperature display

7. Two-digit humidity display

8. Temperature detection range: 0(32)50(122)

9. Humidity detection range: 20%95%

10. Power on 12H/24H system selection point, default 24H system

11. Start-up temperature unit / select point, default

12. When the clock is turned on, the default display is 0:00

13. The default display of dual alarm AL is 6:00 when it is turned on

14. Two alarms

15. Snooze function, adjustable delay alarm from 5 to 60 minutes

16. The brightness is automatically adjusted according to the environment.

17. Working voltage: 3.0V-4.5V

18. Quiescent current: <30uA (when the LED is not displayed)